I No Longer Think Like an Addict

I learned a lot from this program and it’s impossible to write everything in one success story but I can highlight my major wins.

  • TR’s taught me that no matter what situations I’m in I can confront it and be truly comfortable. If I’m not comfortable then I can control whatever the situation is by simply leaving.
  • Objectives taught me that I have control over my environment and that nothing will change or hurt me unless I allow it to.

Objectives were the most beneficial for me because I remember waking up one day and realizing I was no longer thinking like an addict. Objectives helped me get rid of the weight of all the mistakes. I realize now that even though I have made mistakes in my past I can control my future.
N. H.

The Narconon Fresh Start program does more than just help clients get off drugs or alcohol, it teaches them how to be ethical individuals who live by a moral code to better themselves and help others. Learning how to empower yourself and take control over your thoughts and emotions benefits recovering addicts because they can then willingly choose to redirect their thoughts and actions in a more positive and healthy direction instead of dwelling in the past. This ability serves them long after they complete treatment and return home. The life skills learned during one’s time at a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab will benefit the graduate for the rest of their life.

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