It Takes More than Willpower to Get Sober

Many people think that they can just choose to stop using drugs or alcohol on their own and that’s all it will take. What they realize after a day or two is that their addiction has taken over their life and they are reminded of their habit constantly throughout the day. A specific place, a smell or just hanging out with a friend can trigger the newly sobered addict into strong drug or alcohol cravings making their willpower to not use crumble and eventually disintegrate altogether.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat is a long-term drug rehab program that knows how to treat addiction for what it really is; not a disease but a physical and emotional problem stemming from underlying issues that must be resolved. Their program works to get clients physically off the drugs or alcohol they are addicted to in addition to addressing the initial issues that drove the person to choose substance abuse as an answer to their problems. A graduate of Rainbow Canyon Retreat doesn’t need any drugs, alcohol or prescription medications to handle life when they complete treatment. They have fully recovered and have learned all the tools and skills necessary to remain clean and sober on their own.

2 thoughts on “It Takes More than Willpower to Get Sober”

  1. I also have been provided with this power. My last program before coming to Narconon didn’t help me at all. I was back to getting high 3 days after completing the program and was also attending an Intensive Outpatient Program 3 times a week at my probation office but that didn’t keep me from using either. I finally decided that I was ready to quit when I got put back in jail for failing a drug test for probation. I can now proudly say that I have been clean and sober for a little over 2 years and don’t have the desire to go back to getting high.

  2. This program has helped me gain the confidence and strength to become sober, and stay sober.
    I think the correct statement is actually: “It takes an adequate quality and magnitude of willpower to get sober, and STAY sober”.
    I have been provided with this power and I am very thankful now.

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