Today is the Beginning of My Fresh Start

Today is my last full day at Narconon Fresh Start! This is the last time I will be here as a student and I feel the sincerity inside when I write this. I have messed up my life for the better part of 10 years and wasted time, money, effort, relationships, and even more because of using drugs. I kept putting off everything in life I have wanted to do because I allowed the drugs to control myself, but no more will this be the case.

I mocked this program the 1st time around. But, once I came back and cleansed my body of heroin I realized I was luckier than most in this world for a few reasons. I had been given a 2nd chance to get clean and have never overdosed. My parents loved me enough to pay for me to come back here, not only because I am their son, but because they still see potential in me;  a potential that drugs tried time and time again to take away.

I believe God was looking out for me and teaching me, along with the staff at Narconon that the greatest joys in life come from helping others and I believe that to be true! I can’t begin to express my gratitude to all the staff and students at Narconon Fresh Start. I was focused on getting clean and helping to improve my life and everyone helped me at some point through the program. I have finally learned that happiness is attainable without drugs. I feel with each day that the true me is coming back and it is good to see and feel like the person I was and can now honestly say that I am.

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