I Feel 100% Better Without Drugs!

Finished my Narconon program! I feel 100% better than when I came in to Narconon in April! I never thought my life would be complete without drugs but I assure you it is!
N. B.

The Narconon Fresh Start program is a long-term inpatient drug rehab located in residential settings. It is not based on the disease concept of recovery where the individual is powerless over their addiction. Instead, their philosophy is that addiction is a physical and psychological issue with underlying problems that brought it about. Once the physical issue of addiction has been addressed clients work on uncovering the underlying issues that drove them to choose drugs or alcohol as a means of solving their life problems. The client becomes a student as they study new life lessons and techniques to handle their problems in a drug-free way. When a client graduates from the Narconon Fresh Start program they no longer view drugs or alcohol as an effective coping tool.

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