Recovery in the Rocky Mountains

Fort Collins New Life Center is a holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation program situated just east of the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The facility is spacious yet securely located in a residential environment ideal for working through client’s addiction issues. Because the program is in a residential neighborhood, the buildings are strategically laid out and numerous security policies are in place. You can be assured that Fort Collins New Life Center is a safe sanctuary far removed from temptations and re-stimulating environments clients have been influenced by previously.

The program Fort Collins New Life Center provides is a long term treatment program focusing on the client’s complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from addiction. The staff at Fort Collins realizes that this is likely to be one of the most difficult and ultimately most rewarding endeavors clients go through in their lifetime. Because of this, the facilities include everything necessary to complete this challenging process while keeping clients safe and comfortable.

The rehabilitation program clients go though is similar to an educational experience. They become students as they learn how to handle themselves, work with others, and address life problems in a completely drug-free way. While a great majority of the client’s time is spent working on their course work there numerous breaks throughout the day as well as free-time. With this in mind the facility is set up similar to a small educational campus including both inside and outside recreational areas. Fort Collins New Life Center has TV rooms, fitness areas, billiards and ping pong as well as many outdoor areas for horse shoes, volleyball, football and basketball.

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