We Stand Behind Our Results

The Narconon Fresh Start program stands behind their results. With the highest documented success rate, they provide rehabilitation services far superior than other facilities. Their written guarantee is published right there on their website for everyone to view. It states…

“If any graduate of our program has any difficulty remaining drug or alcohol free within 6 months of completing our program, we will gladly accept the client back free of charge for an advanced treatment review program. This free advanced treatment review program does not include the price of airfare or the price of a medical detox, which is the responsibility of the review program participant. Medical detox is not always necessary, but may be required in the rare case that the client has been using the amount or type of drugs or alcohol that may require a medical detox before beginning the advanced treatment review process.”

Other treatment programs are not able to provide their clients with such a guarantee of success. The first six months after leaving treatment is often a temperamental time and can be difficult to navigate alone. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start programs know that they have the full support of their rehab behind them as they begin to make their way back into their relationships with family, friends and society after completing treatment.

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