All the Happy Faces

Having only been at Lonestar Victory Ranch for a week now I still don’t really know what to expect from this whole drug rehab experience. What I know right now is that I’ve been off OxyContin and all my other pills for several days now since medical withdrawal and I am starting to feel ok about it. The staff is able to help me keep calm when I start to fly off the handle and want to blow this place. I see the other clients who have been here for a while and its hard to believe that they struggled with any addiction problems of their own. They seem so happy and able to handle themselves. When I have had a chance to talk with some of them I find their stories are not that much different than my own. They were in a dark place just a month or two ago and have come so far in such a short amount of time. I wonder if I will be the same. If some new client here in a month or two will think that I never struggled with pills and was living a totally screwed up life. Maybe I can be the happy face that makes this rehab program seem doable to some other new client in time. I hope so.

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