Here’s wishing you a happy sobriety!

What does sobriety mean to me? Well I think it means more than just not using. To me it means choosing not to use, not to call my old drug dealers and using friends when I’m having a rough day. My sobriety is the difference between the life I want and a life I never want to return to. If I were to use just one time now that I’ve completed treatment would it kill me? Probably not at first. I know for me there is no “just one line” or I’m only going to do this tonight and then never again. I have learned that about myself. I would sure enjoy myself while I was high but the repercussions would be lasting and far-reaching. I would let so many people down, myself most of all.

Narconon Fresh Start taught me that I am in control of myself and the choices I make. I have the power to continue being a sober, happy person. Sobriety means staying healthy, having a plan for my day, my month my life so that I have something to look forward to. I have goals and aspirations now that I’m sober. I care what I do today because it affects my tomorrow. I didn’t get that before. I was so screwed up that I just didn’t see how my actions took a toll on my future. I’m lucky that I got help when I did. That I was in a rehab program like Narconon Fresh Start that taught me the life skills I really needed to know. How to control my emotions, how to confront myself and others in an effective way and how to communicate efficiently to get my point across and take in what others where communicating with me.

My sobriety has been long-lasting and has made me the person I am today. I wouldn’t trade my time at Narconon Fresh Start for anything. The life lessons and skills I picked up while there have served me day in and day out, much more than my college education at times! I recommend to anyone struggling with sobriety to look into attending a Narconon Fresh Start program. They will be able to help where willpower and other rehabs have fallen short. I am so glad I went and I know anyone who reads this will too. Here’s wishing you a happy sobriety!

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