I’m NOT an Addict Any Longer

What can I say? If I hadn’t come to Rainbow Canyon Retreat 4 months ago I probably wouldn’t be alive. That’s how I see it. Where do I start to explain how much my time here at Narconon has helped me? I want to experience life now that I’m sober. I want to go out into the world and make a difference. I wake up each day excited to see what changes I can make to help those around me. After being addicted to drugs for years and years I became unrecognizable to myself, my family and friends.

I didn’t care about myself or anyone or anything else. Through the course of my time here I have become the guy I was always meant to be. I care about my health now. I realize that if I am good to myself each day with eating right, exercise and living a clean lifestyle I can feel good. I don’t need to take pills or get high to make the pain go away. Now I wake each morning and I don’t have any pain any longer. I WAS the cause of my own pain and now I have found the lasting solution to it. I make healthy choices now and know how to handle myself in any situation. Even if I come across old buddies I know exactly what I’ll say and do. I will not fall back into old habits because I am not an addict any longer. I am sober, strong and ready to graduate. Thank you Rainbow Canyon for all the support, help and guidance you have given me.


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