When Drugs and Alcohol Become a Crutch

Drugs and alcohol can be enticing and hold a sense of mystery or wonder for a person who has never done them. If a person has never been exposed to drug addicts or alcoholics they may have no idea the damage substance abuse can cause. It can seem as though addiction would never happen to them, they are just going to try meth one time or just take one tablet of ecstasy at a party. It is not going to turn into anything serious. For nearly every addict their progression into addiction began as innocent as this, believing that it wasn’t going to happen to them. That they were above getting hooked and they could handle themselves and the drugs they took recreationally.

As the drug user chooses to take the substance more and more often it becomes harder for them to choose not to take it. The drug begins to become more of a crutch instead of something fun and frivolous. Their body begins to expect the substance to feel “normal” and without it they don’t feel like themselves. They begin to think of using more and more as their time and energy is focused on getting the substance, using the substance and recovering from its effects. Addiction takes hold and everything else falls by the wayside. Friends, hobbies, school, career and money dwindle and disappear as the addict spends all their resources focused on their drug or alcohol use.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs are long-term, inpatient facilities where addicted individuals receive total addiction rehabilitation. With locations in Southern California, Nevada, Colorado and Texas their centers are widespread and able to accommodate individuals from all areas of the country. When clients enter their drug rehab programs they are often at the lowest point in their lives and looking for a solution. What Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabs are able to accomplish includes:

  • Returning the addict to a healthy, drug-free state of being
  • Teaching them the necessary life lessons and skills to make their reentry back into the community as smooth as possible
  • Equip them with the information they need to make the most out of their lives as they begin their new clean and sober life

2 thoughts on “When Drugs and Alcohol Become a Crutch”

  1. Meth became a very big crutch for me for a long time and caused me a lot of problems such as getting arrested and losing the trust of my family. I went through one in-patient program and was back to getting high 3 days after getting out of the program. The last straw for both me and my family was getting put in jail for failing a drug test while on probation. I am now proud to say I have 2 years clean now.

  2. It is really not good when substances become a crutch that one depends on to go about living their daily lives. People are already creatures of habit, and easily tend to do things along with their habits, so life is complicated and tough enough without substance abuse. I got to the point where I was addicted to drugs, and without using them, I didn’t feel that anything was worthwhile doing, unless I got high first. Even simple things like watching a movie, or taking a walk outside, I felt I needed to use drugs first in order to enjoy. That was a terrible time in my life and thanks to this program, I am now free from that hell.

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