Inpatient Drug Rehab at Rainbow Canyon Retreat

For most people the idea of going to an inpatient drug rehab like Rainbow Canyon Retreat can be intimidating and daunting. However, inpatient drug rehabs are a necessary step in recovery for a majority of addicted persons. This is because often willpower is not enough, attending meetings weekly or daily leaves so many hours of the day to find trouble and outpatient treatment is effective but only if the person is able to really change their habits with just a little nudge. Addiction changes the person; it changes them physically and emotionally. This makes it hard for them to use self-control or make any type of rational decisions.

Enrolling in an inpatient drug rehab is effective because it removes the addict from their daily life. Their time is now accounted for and they have support by their side around the clock. This ensures that they are focused on their program and truly working on ending their addiction problem. Rainbow Canyon Retreat is a long-term inpatient drug rehab set in a residential setting. It is much more comfortable than other inpatient programs and clients often remark how homey and relaxed the atmosphere is there. While there is a level of comfort for clients it is an inpatient drug rehab center meaning that there are security measures set in place. Clients are far from the many temptations and restimulative environments they have previously been used to residing in.

The many benefits of Rainbow Canyon Retreat include its beautiful rural ranch facility, true addiction recovery, total body purification through the New Life Detoxification method and life skills and training to prepare for life without drugs or alcohol. This inpatient drug rehab has a very high success rate and is part of the highly effective Narconon Fresh Start family of treatment programs.

3 thoughts on “Inpatient Drug Rehab at Rainbow Canyon Retreat”

  1. I went through the program here at Rainbow Canyon Retreat just over 2 years ago and have been clean ever since coming here. Being removed from my environment that I was in back home helped me to focus on my recovery and myself and for that I am forever grateful.

  2. I gained a lot from this program, and I think one of the main reasons that I was able to gain so much is because I was removed from the negative environments where all my drug behavior was taking place. This was a great model of efficiency and getting me to a point in my life where I could be productive and improve myself once more.

  3. I attended Rainbow Canyon Retreat over 4 years ago. I was removed from my daily life and it was the best thing for my recovery. It enabled me to focus on myself and my recovery. The Rainbow Canyon Retreat is a great place to ease the mind of daily life and let one focus on recovery. I felt at home at Rainbow Canyon Retreat and the staff there was very kind and helpful. Thanks to them I have now been sober for over 4 years!

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