Drug Rehab Program Changes Lives

Rainbow Canyon Retreat is a drug rehab program that changes lives. Because they are part of the Narconon Fresh Start umbrella of drug rehab centers they provide their clients with a program proven to get results. Their drug rehab program is backed by the Narconon Fresh Start written guarantee of lasting success. Clients enter treatment addicted to every different kind of substance imaginable and at various levels of dependence. Because their program is completely inclusive they are able to address all types of drug and alcohol problems; everything from methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine to marijuana, ecstasy, prescription medications and alcohol.

Their drug rehab program has many components and is structured in a step by step sequence in order to achieve the best results. While Rainbow Canyon Retreat is known to be one of the more challenging and intensive forms of addiction treatment it is also know to provide the best results in the field of addiction recovery. Clients do not breeze through this drug rehab program in a mere 28 days; they take their time and go at a pace that best suits them. While the majority of client’s complete treatment in approximately 90 days give or take, they graduate when they are truly ready and not any sooner. This is just one of the unique differences about Rainbow Canyon Retreat.

3 thoughts on “Drug Rehab Program Changes Lives”

  1. This program also helped change my life. I came to the program a little over 2 years ago after being addicted to meth for about 12 years. Not only did this program help me overcome my addiction it also gave me a purpose in my life and a job.

  2. This program gave me so many things that many people take for granted, but I had lost all of these things because of my bad choices in using drugs. This program gave me a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, food that did not solely consist of fast food dollar menu items, and also gave me a purpose in life and a means in which to improve myself while being productive. Thank God.

  3. This program changed my life. I came to the Rainbow Canyon Retreat facility over four years ago with little hope of being able to stay off drugs more then the time that I spent there. This program was very challenging at time but it was also very rewarding. After completing the program, I did not need to attend any NA meetings. I have been sober since the day I entered the Rainbow Canyon Retreat and that has now been over 4 years of sobriety!

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