I Won’t Forget How Far I’ve Come

As a recent graduate of Sunshine Summit Lodge I can write that I’m so different than I was the day I entered this place. I looked at the world from such a selfish and immoral point of view. My days were filled with criminal acts and my nights spent getting high. My parents couldn’t believe the conditions I was living in when they came to pick me up to bring me here. To be honest, looking back it makes me sick too.

My time here was amazing! I met some of the most amazing people and developed friendships based on real feelings and experiences instead of drug use. I took a good hard look at myself while I’ve been here at was able to identify what caused me to pick up that pipe. I had no self-confidence. I didn’t understand that I was a valuable person who had a life worth living in front of him. Now, I feel secure in who I am and take responsibility for myself and all the different areas of my life. I can’t wait to return back to Washington and put into use all the tools and skills I’ve worked on while here. I’m glad I came to Sunshine Summit Lodge and won’t soon forget how far I’ve come.
Thank You!

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