One week off meth is a good start!

I don’t want to be an addict any longer. I woke up on the floor of my boyfriend’s apartment last week and realized that I needed help. My attempts at controlling myself didn’t work. I couldn’t stay away from my best friend, my everything: meth. I thought if I just didn’t call my dealer, if I stayed home or focused hard enough on my job I could stop using. Wrong.

I’m lucky enough to have loved ones in my life who still care. Who still want me to succeed and get better. Thanks to them I’m here at Lone Star Victory Ranch getting help. While its only been a week I’m seeing changes in myself. One week off meth is a good start! The staff is friendly and makes me feel like I can be myself and talk with them about things that bother me.

Next I’ll be starting sauna and sweating out all the drug toxins. That’s going to be awesome. Not only because it means that I won’t have drug cravings any longer but also because it will help my drug dreams go away. My friend told me that when she first got here she had drug dreams too. Now after completing sauna she can’t remember the last one she had.

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