Having a Good Day

Having a good day, I feel so much better having been in this program for over 60 days. I look forward to the time I have left to be positive and productive in here.
S. P.

How many of you can say that when you were in the midst of your addiction you ever had a really “good day”? Probably not that often. When a good day did happen it was probably because you got the drugs you really wanted or something along those lines. Students at Rainbow Canyon Retreat, a Nevada drug rehab often comment on how great a day they are having and how wonderful they feel. The positive nature of the program exudes from the staff all the way through to the students. New clients feel welcomed from the time they walk through the door on their first day. The process of recovery is challenging but with the comfortable and easy nature of Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s atmosphere it doesn’t have to feel clinical.

2 thoughts on “Having a Good Day”

  1. I can also say that when I was using drugs that I never had a a good day. The only time I really had a good day was when I was getting the drugs I was doing and when I was getting high. I now have many good days per week as I have been clean for 2 years now and have a good job.

  2. I can honestly say, that in the midst of my addiction to drugs, I never had a truly good day. I always simply chasing the next high, and the rest of my life was deemed secondary in nature and revolved around the drug use. I am so lucky to have been freed from making such a terrible mistake. Thank you.

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