Helping Others Feels Good

I absolutely loved being able to help Wade out with his M7. Since I have been here I haven’t had many opportunities to help others. The fact that everyone has done so much for me already and helped in any way they could made it feel very one-sided. Helping someone else was an incredible boost to my own self-esteem and morale. I look forward to helping others as much on their programs as I have been helped.
C. N.

One of the beneficial parts of the Narconon Fresh Start program is that they have students working with staff members as well as each other throughout the course of the day. New students are paired up with those who have been in the program longer and have more experience to help them through several different training routines. This process builds up the student’s sense of self and gives them a purpose during their day greater than themselves. A very valuable lesson for when one graduates and returns back to their daily life. The ability to help others when able to is just one of the many ethical and moral codes taught in the Narconon Fresh Start program.

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