New Life Detoxification Provides Real and Lasting Results

Narconon Fresh Start Drug DetoxificationThe Narconon Fresh Start New Life Detoxification program is a corner stone of our success. Because clients are able to completely purify their bodies of the drug and alcohol metabolites left behind by their substance abuse they no longer experience physical cravings for drugs, sleep better at night, are emotionally more stable and a host of other positive physical changes. These numerous benefits serve to ensure that graduates of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab have the highest success rates in the field of addiction recovery.

I feel a million times better emotionally physically and mentally after finishing the sauna detox program! I was a little doubtful sauna wouldn’t change anything for me, but I was way wrong. I can actually see and feel the differences in my actions towards myself and others. It is obvious in the way I carry myself and in the way I am focused on this day and not stressing over the things I can’t change in the past. I can reconcile my past and hope that through time others are able to forgive and move on.

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