You’ve Completed Drug Rehab, What Next?

What comes after you complete drug rehab? A happy, joyous life based on a fresh new beginning with no worries about relapse or potentially “falling off the wagon”. Well, for Narconon Fresh Start graduates this is precociously what they can anticipate; not to say that Narconon graduates may have a rough patch a time or two. Struggling with sobriety is to be expected when a person is learning how to live life day in and day out using new and different techniques than they are used too.

However, struggles and insecurities about one’s sobriety doesn’t mean that you WILL succumb to using again. To stay vigilant against your instinct to use is by far one of the best relapse prevention methods. When you return home after your graduation from a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program and begin your new life take care with your sobriety. It is a new and precious acquisition and should be treated wisely.

Listen to the staff members you stay in contact with as they guide you through your first few critical months of sobriety living outside the drug rehab facility. Their guidance will make the difference for you during times when you feel no one else in the world understands what you are going through. They do. They have been there before and have helped many just like yourself who feel like they may be on the brink of wanting to use.

As a person who is new to living a sober life do not take your sobriety for granted. Use the knowledge and tools you learned while at Narconon Fresh Start to create the changes in your life you always wanted. Did you want to go back to school? Take up a hobby you were interested in? Perhaps catch up with some of your old non-using friends who you haven’t seen in a long while. Many recovered people find volunteering to be a wonderful way to spend their free time. It gives them a purpose and a sense of being needed. The responsibility of being held accountable is important for a person who is newly recovered. Life after treatment is a chance to become the you that was hiding behind drugs and/or alcohol. The you that was put on the back burner until later. This is your time to shine.

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