I know I won’t ever go back to pills now

The sauna program was the best thing for me. I went in feeling terrible and came out feeling like I was in high school. I have tons of energy; I am eating healthy and sleeping good. My memory is awesome, I feel awesome. I know I won’t ever go back to pills now.
T. V.

Our New Life Detoxification Program is the only one of its kind. Clients who enroll in Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab facilities experience complete and total physical purification through our dry sauna program. While there is much more to the New Life Detoxification program than time spent in the dry sauna, it is the crux of the entire process. Once clients are given a physical and medically approved to being our detox process they start a protocol of supervised exercise, nutritional supplements (shown to expedite the removal of drug toxins from fatty tissues) and time spent sweating in a dry sauna. It leaves the individual with significantly reduced drug cravings, and in many cases, without ANY cravings for drugs at all.

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