Teen Drug Addiction

Why do teens use drugs? We here at Narconon Fresh Start, Fort Collins New Life Center have some helpful information to answer this question. For some teens it is the process of continuing the cycle they see in the home already. They have seen, or are aware of their parent’s substance abuse and no longer view drugs as being dangerous. Children who have parents who struggle with substance issues tend to have to take on a great deal of pressure to handle home front issues at a young age. They often assume responsibilities meant for adults making them feel older than their years. Because of this, children of substance abusers have an increased risk of turning to alcohol or drugs as a means of escape from the pain of their home life.

On the other hand, teens that grow up in healthy households where alcohol abuse and drugs are not used may also choose experiment with substance use. Young adults are going through a period of growth and exploration in addition to having new found freedoms and the ability to branch out from their home life. As they develop new acquaintances and build friendships they may come across peer pressure from others putting them at risk of making poor choices. Speaking with your child from an early age about the dangers or drugs and alcohol greatly reduces their risk of succumbing to peer pressure. With correct knowledge about substance abuse your teen with be able to make informed decisions and healthy choices.

Fort Collins New Life Center drug rehab understands that as a parent it can be hard to accept that your child is abusing drugs. You may feel that you raised them right and they just “would never do that”. Unfortunately, sticking your head in the sand and telling yourself this will not make it go away. If you are timely enough to catch you teen early in their substance abuse problem it is vital that you get them help right away. It is much easier to put an end substance abuse than it is teen drug addiction. The earlier one seeks help for teen drug addiction problems, the better.

How is a parent to know if their teen is experimenting with or moving more deeply into the drug culture? Above all, a parent must be a good and careful observer, particularly of the little details that make up a teen’s life. Overall signs of dramatic change in appearance, friends, or physical health may be signs of trouble. Fort Collins New Life center points out that if you believe your child may be drinking or using drugs, here are some things to watch for:

  • Behavior problems and poor grades in school
  • Change in friendships or extreme influence by peers
  • Changes in mood, eating, or sleeping patterns
  • Decrease in interest in personal appearance
  • Dizziness and memory problems
  • Emotional distancing, isolation, depression, or fatigue
  • Hostility, irritability, or change in level of cooperation around the house
  • Lying or increased evasiveness about after school or weekend whereabouts
  • Physical changes such as bloodshot eyes, runny nose, frequent sore throats, rapid weight loss
  • Physical evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia

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