I feel so energized and good about myself

Rainbow Canyon Retreat has changed me in so many ways. Right now I’m going through the New Life Detoxification program and seeing amazing changes in my drug cravings, my sleep at night and even my skin. Doesn’t every girl want better skin? Now after years of substance abuse I actually have clear skin. You might not even know I had ever used drugs by the time I graduate I’m looking that good = ) I feel so energized and good about myself and what I’m doing each day. I wake up and I’m excited to get to sauna and start sweating out those nasty toxins. Each day brings me closer to getting to return home and see my parents and friends. I know they want me to succeed and I am. When I graduate I’m going to look and feel better than ever and be ready to go back to school.

One thought on “I feel so energized and good about myself”

  1. Rainbow Canyon Retreat and the Narconon Fresh Start program saved my life as well. For me sauna was a great experience. I was finally able to sleep a whole not and not suffer from insomnia. Sauna also made me physically feel better, better then I had felt in may years. It gave me hope that I could overcome my addictions. For four years now I have work up happy and drug free thanks to the Rainbow Canyon Retreat and Narconon Fresh Start.

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