Southern California Drug Rehab

We welcome you to visit Sunshine Summit Lodge; one of the highest quality and most effective Southern California drug rehab programs available. Located in sunny Southern California the beauty of our facilities rural country location and temperate climate nicely lends itself to addiction recovery. As a former executive retreat our drug rehab offers a very accommodating yet therapeutic environment. We are a safe sanctuary for clients looking to get away from the temptations and restimulative environments they have previously been influenced by.

While we are a Southern California drug rehab serving local communities such as Orange County, Mission Valley, La Jolla and Del Mar many of our clients looking for the most effective and successful treatment seek us out from all across the United States. We provide our clients with a dedicated team of recovery professionals offering an individualized treatment approach to addiction recovery. Because our program employs many fully recovered individuals who have successful completed our drug rehab we can truly say that we understand the nature of addiction and what is necessary to make a lasting recovery. Trained staff members evaluate each client when they arrive, assessing their needs and making recommendations for their treatment program. We take our role in our client’s recovery very seriously and help assist them during their time as clients in treatment all the way through their progress to aftercare and/or returning back to their day to day life.

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