Do You Need an Alcohol Drug Rehab?

Alcohol drug rehab is typically a last resort for most people. It becomes necessary when a person’s drinking has gotten so out of hand that they have lost control over their ability to remain sober. Their body has begun to rely so heavily on alcohol that to go without it would cause them physical and emotional consequences. An alcohol addiction problem is serious and the staff at Fort Collins New Life Center treat it as such. Their skilled staff members help people struggling with all levels of alcohol dependence problems.

Because Fort Collins New Life Center alcohol drug rehab is a not for profit treatment center they are able to provide quality services on a time variable schedule. No client ever feels rushed through the program because the pace is set by the individual and their case supervisor. Offering a non-group therapy individualized approach to addiction recovery means that each client receives one-on-one attention throughout the course of the day and gets all their specific emotional and psychological needs met.

Alcoholism takes a toll on the user’s body; this why all Narconon Fresh Start programs including the Fort Collins New Life Center deliver the New Life Detoxification program for clients. This body cleansing and purification program works to remove the remaining drug metabolites and toxins left behind by years of alcohol abuse and addiction. Clients are medically approved to begin this program which includes a protocol of exercise, time spent in a dry sauna and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements. The purpose of the supplements is to target and rid the client’s fatty tissues of any stored drug and alcohol metabolites. Doing so effectively eliminates their physical cravings for drugs and alcohol working to greatly decrease the chances of relapse.

For those of you who are wondering if you need to attend an alcohol drug rehab consider how your drinking is affecting your life. Where would you be today if alcohol wasn’t always the first thing on your mind and a priority in your life? Imagine what you could accomplish if you didn’t have to be constantly be recovering from the effects of your alcohol abuse. Fort Collins New Life Center is an alcohol drug rehab that can help you achieve the life you are meant to be living.

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