A Retreat from my Drug Fueled Life

Rainbow Canyon Retreat has been just that, a retreat from my drug fueled life. Before I came here I was living day to day looking to get high and paying no attention to my health and those around me. After being here just a few weeks I’m beginning to see some major changes in myself. I notice the people around me more and I’m more considerate of others. This is a huge change for me because I’m used to only caring about myself and my needs. It feels good to be getting better and learning new ways to stay in the moment. Whenever I feel down about the things I’ve done in my past the staff here are always right there building me up and helping me get back on track and focused on the present moment. I’m grateful to have found Rainbow Canyon Retreat and can’t wait to stop thinking of myself as an addict but as a fully recovered person.

2 thoughts on “A Retreat from my Drug Fueled Life”

  1. I came to Rainbow Canyon Retreat shortly after I accidentally overdosed. Before I came to Rainbow Canyon Retreat and did not care about anything but getting high. After learning the life skills and learning to get over my past mistakes, I was able to move on with my life. I have now been sober for over 4 years thanks to the Narconon Fresh Start program and the staff at Rainbow Canyon Retreat.

  2. Coming here to Rainbow Canyon Retreat also made me feel good and helped me out a lot. Before coming here I only cared about myself and about getting high I had been that way for quite a long time and had been through a lot including going to jail for possessing drugs and also for violating my probation. I had also been kicked out of my parents house a couple of times. The last time I went to jail was for failing a drug test while on probation and I made the decision that I was done getting high and came here after getting out of jail. I have now been clean for a little over 2 years and feel so much better than I did while I was getting high and also have earned the trust of my family back.

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