Putting What I’ve Learned to Work

Thanks to the Lone Star Victory Ranch drug rehab and their staff I now have the ability to confront the things in my life that I have done wrong and work on making them right. With their help and my own inner strength I have been able to address the issues that lead me to use drugs and create new ways of handling such issues when and if they come up again. I realize now that I was just using drugs to escape from my problems, as a way of avoiding having to deal with the people and things in my life that caused me stress. Now that I have learned how to control my emotions better and effectively talk to other people I won’t need to get high to escape. When a problem comes up in the future I’m going to handle it right then and there and not let it fester or get out of control. I can’t wait to put all my practice into use when I encounter real life situations at home.

One thought on “Putting What I’ve Learned to Work”

  1. The best thing about practicing what you have learned, is that soon, it become your nature to perform in that manner. They way you act on a constant basis then becomes a good habit which you can use to live your life productively, properly, and also maintain a good example for others to follow as well.

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