Does Drug Rehab Work?

Does drug rehab work? Yes, drug rehab works and is an effective solution to ending drug and alcohol addiction problems. While not everyone who enters a drug rehab will find lasting sobriety they will learn valuable tools and skills to help them attempt to remain sober when they return home. Some individuals need more than one pass at attempting sobriety before they are truly ready to apply what they have learned to their day to day life. These relapses should be viewed as bumps in the road and not as the end all be all of one’s ability to remain clean.

While each drug rehab is different in its approach to recovery some are known to provide more effective results than others. Sunshine Summit Lodge in Southern California has a very high success rate at true addiction rehabilitation and a written guarantee to back up their results. Graduates of their program go on to lead lives filled with direction, purpose and integrity. During their time in treatment clients locate and confront the specific causes of their addiction and resolve the many behaviors associated with these issues. Sunshine Summit Lodge also uses the New Life Detoxification program to remove drug toxins and metabolites left behind by substance abuse. Once these toxins and metabolites are flushed out of their system they no longer will experience physical cravings and compulsions. This total body purification process greatly improves their graduate’s ability to remain sober when they return home.

Drug rehab works and choosing to enroll in a highly successful program like Sunshine Summit Lodge will increase one’s ability to remain clean and sober. The time, effort and finances one invests in their recovery are always a worthwhile endeavor. Completing a drug rehab program is likely to be one of the hardest things an addict does in their lifetime; while it is extremely challenging it also extremely rewarding and life changing.

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