It has been a good day

This has been a good day. I feel like I accomplished quite a lot and have come a long way in my course work. Learning the life and social skills here at Narconon has helped me see how my addiction has affected more than just myself. I know that I’m finally doing the right thing by being here and working on getting sober.
R. H.

4 thoughts on “It has been a good day”

  1. Absolutely, I love it on this site, there seems to be a flow of fabulous interesting people to help spread the word of recovery and if just one person is inspired, I feel I’ve carried the message, sometimes I forget what I’ve wrote and see a comment or two and get to go back and remember these moments and it’s so uplifting and wonderful to feel that moment of inspiration, keeps me truckin for sure! Love & Light amy 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Amy. Sobriety is something that really must be done for oneself and not just to appease the people in your life. The power of positive thought has been proven to help and your kind words are an inspiration.

  3. Everyday is a good day now that I am clean and sober. Narconon showed me all of the passions that I have in life but was missing out on by getting high everyday. Drugs had taken all of the things in my life that I truly cared about and made them take a backseat. Now that these things have resurfaced everyday is a good day.

  4. I have read a few of your posts and I am touched by your passion. Keep writing, take it one day at a time and remember change does not happen over night. Do the right thing for the right reasons and stay clean for yourself, you will be just fine, I have a feeling about you.

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