Christian Drug Rehab San Diego, California

Choosing a drug rehab in San Diego, CA is a difficult choice. Many religious families and individuals looking for addiction treatment will initially seek out Christian drug rehab San Diego, California programs. While there are several programs to take into consideration we ask you to contemplate Sunshine Summit Lodge drug rehab located in the beautiful hills of Northern San Diego County, California. Our program is non-secular and welcomes clients from all religious denominations.

Sunshine Summit Lodge respects our client’s religious beliefs and takes this area of their recovery seriously. We provide transportation to local churches and places of worship on days of worship when possible. Addiction recovery is a time filled with emotions, physical changes and an introspective look at oneself. The program Sunshine Summit Lodge provides fully rehabilitates the client from the inside out, building up their self-confidence, sense of purpose and giving them direction in their life.

Our Christian client’s beliefs are nourished while in treatment and often grow and become stronger. This is due to the time they are able to finally spend applying themselves to the recovery program and their personal values and integrity. Even though Sunshine Summit Lodge is not specifically a Christian drug rehab San Diego, California it is known in the field of addiction recovery as the most successful form of complete drug rehabilitation. Choosing a program with a proven track record of successful drug addiction recovery is an important part of which drug rehab program you or your loved one attends. Consider Sunshine Summit Lodge in San Diego, Ca when researching Christian drug rehab San Diego, California because we are the best at what we do, total addiction rehabilitation.

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