Drug Alcohol Rehab

Rainbow Canyon Retreat located near Caliente, Nevada is a drug alcohol rehab providing clients with effective addiction rehabilitation. Their program is part of the Narconon Fresh Start network of drug alcohol rehab centers. The purpose of Narconon Fresh Start programs is to rehabilitate people from drug and alcohol addiction and to prevent youth from turning to drugs and alcohol through effective drug education. Their programs have been saving lives since 1966 and originated with their first residential Narconon Center in Los Angeles. All Narconon Fresh Start programs, including Rainbow Canyon Retreat are non-profit, secular (non- religious) drug alcohol rehab and prevention organizations. Their innovative and highly effective total body purification and detoxification method in conjunction with their cognitive behavioral modification approach has had successful results for over 45 years. The research and facts backing their program has been supported by evidence based studies, accredited physicians, scientists and community groups.

This drug alcohol rehab is settled beneath the majestic many colors of Rainbow Canyon. It is the ideal location for a distraction free environment to address one’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation. As a former dude ranch it provides clients with fresh air and scenic canyon views; often a welcome change of pace from client’s former drug laden environments. This facility offers all the amenities necessary to deliver the Narconon Fresh Start program while ensuring clients an enjoyable stay during their time in treatment.

There are several buildings for delivering the drug alcohol rehab program, common areas and recreational areas for clients to enjoy when not involved with their course work. The primary structure is a log cabin style house nestled on active cattle and horse grazing land; this gives Rainbow Canyon Retreat a home-style ranch atmosphere. The main house is where program participants gather after their regular program hours to dine, relax, watch movies and enjoy activities such as cards and board games. While there is a fair amount of time available outside regular program hours the majority of our client’s time is spent focused on their recovery program and progressing through the drug alcohol rehab courses. For this reason, Rainbow Canyon Retreat staff members are always available to ensure that each client is progressing well through each stage of the program as well as in all other areas of their lives.

One thought on “Drug Alcohol Rehab”

  1. I arrived at Narconon Nevada on December 15th, 2012. I was nervous of what was going to come of me becoming sober again because it had been such a long time. I went through my withdrawals and was ready to get started on regaining my life. I went through book 1 and was very excited to get into the sauna. After sauna i felt like a new man. Then came book 3 which made me realize why I didn’t do so good in school. When skipping over misunderstood words it makes things much harder to understand. Then came objectives which taught me patience and how to focus on present time and what i can do now to stay sober and to not dwell on past bad experiences. Book 5 showed me who I should surround myself with and who I should disconnect from. Book 6 is when I learned about the dynamics and got to write up my overts and withholds which was a huge relief for me and got the things that i had been holding in all these years of my mind and down on paper. Book 7 was when i got to repair my past ethical conditions and got to talk to people who i may have harmed through my drug use and apologize for the horrible things i had done over the years. Book 8 was an excellent way to wrap up my program. The Way to Happiness is a short book which reminds you of the things we learn to do as kids such as taking care of your body and treating others the way that you would like to be treated. we forget about these simple precepts through the years of drug abuse but now that they have been reinforced in my mind i feel i will never forget them again. Narconon has truly been my savior and i am ready to give back all that i have learned to new students entering the program.

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