I can see that this program is helping

I do feel I’m making gains in my program. I know I have more work to do but I can see that this is helping.
R. H.

The initial stages of any drug rehab are going to be difficult and often the most challenging. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers anticipate this and strive to help their newly enrolled clients in every way possible. Their staff are available around the clock and trained in making the transition into recovery as smooth as possible. With effective skills and proven techniques they are able to get even the most resistant and determined individual to remain in treatment until the “worst” of their withdrawal and detoxification symptoms have subsided.

One thought on “I can see that this program is helping”

  1. When I first arrived at the Narconon Fresh Start program I had little hope that I would successfully get off of drugs and be able to stay off. I had a lot of self doubt. I had given up on living. At the Fresh Start program they helped restore hope in myself and in my future.

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