Narconon changed my whole outlook on life

I’m done; this was an amazing journey that saved my life. While being here at Narconon I have met many people that I will never forget. Like Evan who could possibly be my real biological father, Phil the awesome course sup, or AJ the raging Cajun, Danielle my Narconon mother, Andy my Narconon father, and everyone else is also amazing. I am now 100% sure I will live a happy drug free life by applying the data I have learned here at Narconon. This place changed my life and my whole outlook on life. I am alive and happy and it’s all thanks to Narconon Fresh Start!
B. K.

One thought on “Narconon changed my whole outlook on life”

  1. The Narconon Fresh Start program saved my life as well. The staff at Rainbow Canyon retreat were very professional, but also very caring. You got to know some of the staff members pretty well, and it helped to know that all most all the staff members there had been an addict at one time. So they could easily relate to you and it felt good to see others success in overcoming their addictions and now helping others.

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