Drug Rehab Centers

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are located in several states and offer one of the most innovative and holistic recovery methods available. All their locations provide exceptional care and are entirely drug free in the delivery of their rehabilitation techniques. The key to their extraordinary results and very high success rate is their New Life Detoxification Program and Life Skills Courses.

The New Life Detoxification program is a total body purification method used to flush out the residual drug metabolites and toxins left behind by substance abuse. The process consists of a specific protocol of supervised/pre-approved exercise, specific nutritional supplements that have been shown to help the body release the stored toxins more efficiently and effectively and time spent in a dry sauna. While this regimen is sometimes intense the results clients achieve are phenomenal. Once this process is complete clients no longer experience physical cravings and compulsions to use drugs or alcohol, their skin and eyes are brighter and healthier, they sleep better at night and their emotional and psychological states improve and become more balanced than before.

All Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers educate program participants in their Life Skills Courses. These courses are the foundation of the cognitive behavioral modification necessary to help restore the client to the happy, drug free person they once were before drugs and alcohol changed them. Program participants learn:

  • Effective communication skills.
  • A lesson in how to study (helps student to fully understand and practically apply all materials).
  • Techniques and drills centered on bringing awareness and ability to control themselves, others and the things in their environment, while also bringing their attention back from the past and into present time, so they can move forward.
  • How to disconnect with people in their life that are out to do them harm and how to handle suppressive people and situations.
  • How to take responsibility for the destructive acts they have committed in the past with a procedure that also unburdens them from the blame, guilt and regret associated with those past acts. Through this course, they regain their personal ethics, morals and integrity.
  • Program participants learn how to raise their condition, through the application of formulas for each condition they find themselves in; this course incudes the steps needed to repair relationships, which have been damaged by their addiction. These formulas can be followed after the program to help one regain their status at work, at home, with friends and with society at large.
  • A common sense moral code that when applied to their life can lead them down the road to happiness.
  • How to create and set in motion a battle plan for their future. This includes a step by step written plan using all the information the student has learned during their time in the program to give them the maximum potential for lasting success.

Drug rehab centers like Narconon Fresh Start know that their clients can truly be rehabilitated. Because of this knowledge they do not refer to their clients as addicts while in the program or after they graduate. They call their clients students because that is exactly what they are. Students learning new life skills to help them graduate and live the life they are meant to have.

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