I’ve had a tough time communicating in the past

Book one has taught me a lot about how to communicate and control situations. I had a tough time in the past dealing with problems with other people. I will use my new skills to be better at dealing with people.
J. H.

Book one in the Narconon Fresh Start programs include training routines (TRs). TRs are communication drills that are used to increase the student’s ability to confront themselves and others, comfortably, with good communication. These skills are needed for the student to address the issues that he has been avoiding through drug use, and which he will now be handling in the program.

2 thoughts on “I’ve had a tough time communicating in the past”

  1. I am very glad to hear that so many people find book 1 to be so helpful, and it teaches them all good things that allow them to progress and improve as individuals. I have so much to thank for as well.

  2. I also learned a lot from book 1, it taught me a lot about communicating with other people and dealing with different problems. Before coming to Narconon I would avoid dealing with different problems until absolutely necessary and would do the same thing in communicating with other people which caused me more trouble.

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