Taking responsibility has helped me make changes in my life

I have finished my long journey of writings O/W’s. I gained a lot from taking responsibility for my actions. It makes me want to change my life and the way I treat the people in it.
Z. D.

The process of working through one’s past transgressions and taking responsibility for these actions is a very freeing experience. A majority of Narconon Fresh Start clients find the process challenging yet very rewarding when finally accomplished. Facing these past indiscretions while in drug rehab benefits the program participant because they are surround by a support group who can help them work through any emotional issues that may arise during the process. If one waits until they return home to delve into their past and the things they have done wrong to others they may become overwhelmed and choose to find solace in drugs or alcohol once again to avoid the issue.

2 thoughts on “Taking responsibility has helped me make changes in my life”

  1. Taking responsibility for my actions was a very important part of the program for me. It was good for me to to confront and work through all the bad things I did when I was an addict. I was able to take responsibility for them and then start to work through them and eventually overcome them so they no longer have a negative impact on my life.

  2. Taking responsibility for my actions has also helped me make some major changes to my life including regaining the trust of my family and making them proud of me along with getting off of probation which wouldn’t have happened had I not come to Narconon.

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