I have no cravings or desires to use alcohol again

I was living a life of failure and sickness and repetition of mistakes. I felt hopeless, I have been admitted to the hospital, had been jailed, all because alcohol abuse. I disappointed my family, the feelings of guilt and shame only made my abuse increase. I felt like I’m already a failure so why stop using. My daughter made me see that their arrangements for me were going to send me to Narconon South Texas. I arrived frightened and anxious, doubting that I could even do this without failure. Welcome to sauna, (After a very painful and eye opening withdraw-detox). After 25 days of sauna, I couldn’t believe the difference; eating, exercise, sleeping properly all clearing my mind and preparing me to study and learn. My experience at Narconon has changed my life forever; I have no cravings or desires to use alcohol again. I hope to show others how they too can achieve similar success.
R. H.

One thought on “I have no cravings or desires to use alcohol again”

  1. Awesome! The sauna program truly is wonderful. I too was stuck in an endless cycle of addiction, self-pity, and depression. I had also done prison time for selling drugs so that I could afford my own habit. I had given up on life and thought I would never be able to change. Luckily my parents found Rainbow Canyon Retreat over 4 years ago. I did not have much hope going in to the program, but once I got through the sauna part of the program I felt better then I had felt for many years. I was happy to be clean and sober and I was hopeful for the future once again. I am so glad I was willing to go to the Rainbow Canyon Retreat because it changed my life!

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