Why Other Drug Rehab Centers Fail

Other drug rehab centers often fail in their mission to help addicted persons recover for several reasons. The first is their misguided belief that “once and addict, always an addict” adage. When an addicted person hears this day in and day out what do they feel compelled to do? Use drugs or alcohol of course because they are told and come to believe they are still an addict and always will be.

The second reason other drug rehab centers fail is due to the type of therapy they provide. Today, the two main forms of therapy offered are drug substitution and group therapy. Both are known for having little to no success and only seem to create the revolving door effect many treatment centers are known for. Group therapy is a very passive treatment model in which the client can choose to participate if they want to or not participate if they don’t feel inclined. You can only imagine how little a person gets out of group therapy if they are determined not to participate; pretty much next to nothing.

Drug substitution therapy is the other common form of therapy at other drug rehab centers that fail. The reason why drug substitution therapy doesn’t work in the long run is because it is simply taking the addicted individual off the substance they are dependent on currently and putting them on one or even multiple other drugs to control their mood, sleep, anxiety and energy levels. To put it bluntly, the person is still controlled by drugs and has not kicked their substance use problem because they are now dependent on prescription drugs.

Lastly, the majority of drug rehab centers mistakenly believe that detox is only a three to seven day process. Once the person stop experiencing withdrawal symptoms they are deemed fully detoxified. We at Narconon Fresh Start know this is not the case. Substance abuse substantially taxes the user’s liver and kidneys and requires three stages of comprehensive detoxification to prevent the recovering person’s chances of relapse. All Narconon Fresh Start programs provide their clients with a complete body purification program during their time in treatment. This program works to rid the user of any drug residuals and toxins left behind by their substance abuse.

Other drug rehab centers fail because they do not see the errors of their treatment protocol. Narconon Fresh Start programs have successfully been rehabilitating addicted persons for over 45 years and have a very high success rate. They teach their clients that addiction is a physical and psychological problem that must be addressed with underlying issues that need to be resolved. Their programs are completely holistic and use no form of drug substitution therapy. Clients receive an individualized program that moves at a pace to meet their specific needs; there is no group therapy in any part of the Narconon Fresh Start program. Lastly, the New Life Detoxification Program works to address the three stages of comprehensive detoxification to prevent relapse in the future. Narconon Fresh Start programs are completely comprehensive from start to finish and provide the recovering person with all the necessary tools and skills to continue the sobriety they have achieved while in drug rehab for the rest of their life.

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