A Holistic Drug Rehab in Nevada

A holistic drug rehab in Nevada may sound out of place in the state known for being home to Sin City but Rainbow Canyon Retreat is just that. Their ability to help addicted individuals recover from their substance abuse problems without the use of drug replacement therapy or any other medications speaks highly of their treatment methods. Using the Narconon Fresh Start rehabilitation philosophy that addiction is not a disease, Rainbow Canyon Retreat teaches their program participants educational life skills and uses cognitive behavioral modification techniques to help clients recover.

Another aspect of this Nevada holistic drug rehab is their detoxification program. Rainbow Canyon Retreat uses the New Life Detoxification Method to fully detoxify and remove any remaining drug residuals and toxins left behind by substance abuse.  This process removes the physical cravings and compulsions that are caused by drug residual build up within the body. The New Life Detoxification method uses a specific protocol of exercise, vitamin supplements and time spent sweating in a dry sauna to flush out the clients remaining drug metabolites.

Clients who complete the Rainbow Canyon Retreat holistic drug rehab program are some of the most successful drug rehab graduates you will find. The treatment centers extremely high success rate along with their entirely drug free, holistic rehabilitation method is one of a kind in a field where more and more treatment programs are utilizing drug substitution or drug replacement therapy. Graduates of the Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Nevada are restored back to the happy, drug free, productive members of their families and communities when they return home. They do not need to take medications and they do not need to attend meetings to maintain their sobriety because they have been fully rehabilitated.

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