Texas Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Tucked away in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley is one of the most effective alcohol and drug rehab centers, the Texas Lone Star Victory Ranch. This location was specifically chosen because of its lush farmland, peace and quiet and tranquil atmosphere. Prospective program participants find the calm sanctuary like environment to be so inviting that the idea of calling this alcohol and drug rehab home for several months isn’t a difficult decision.

Lone Star Victory Ranch is a long term inpatient alcohol and drug rehab that is part of the Narconon Fresh Start group of centers. Their history of over 45 years in the drug rehabilitation field shows their ability to remain highly effective in an ever changing world. Lone Star Victory Ranch, along with all other Narconon Fresh Start programs utilizes the New Life Detoxification Method combined with a Cognitive Behavioral Modification Model to achieve total addiction rehabilitation. When these two methods are combined the result is an extremely high success rate and total and lasting true addiction rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation philosophy that this Texas drug rehab uses is not based on the disease model. The disease model of addiction rehabilitation dictates to the client that they are an addict and will always be an addict with an incurable disease that they can never overcome and can only hope to live with. Lone Star Victory Ranch program’s philosophy is based on confronting and locating the client’s specific causes of addiction and the many behaviors associated with it and resolving them. While clients enter the program as alcoholics and drug addicts they become students during their time in rehab learning the Narconon Fresh Start educational Life Skills program. When they graduate from this Texas drug rehab they leave truly rehabilitated without the need to use the label of addict or alcoholic any longer.

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