Recovery at Sunshine Summit Lodge

California has some of the most beautiful landscapes around. The rolling hills, the beaches, the mountains; there are so many scenic and diverse environments to see and visit. Tucked away in the picturesque hills of Northern San Diego County is Sunshine Summit Lodge drug alcohol rehab program. Their ultimate goal is to help their program participants achieve lasting sobriety. The immediate goals of Sunshine Summit Loge are to eliminate client’s current drug use, improve their ability to function without substances and address any medical and social complications that have arisen due to the client’s drug or alcohol abuse.

To help recovering clients rid themselves of cravings and drug using compulsions Sunshine Summit Lodge uses an advanced detox protocol. While only the initial step in the recovery process, drug detox is a key part of ridding the client’s body of any remaining drug toxins and metabolites. Alone, detox does little to reverse long-term drug use because it does not address the emotional and psychological issues behind one’s substance abuse. When total detoxification is complete the program participant is ready to begin the educational part of Sunshine Summit Lodge’s drug alcohol rehab program.

This California drug rehab uses life skills courses as part of their cognitive behavioral modification model. The life skills clients learn while in treatment educate them on:

  • How to communicate with others
  • How to see what is good in life, what is bad in life
  • How to avoid a situation that will lead them down the wrong path
  • How to get along with their families as well as with people they don’t usually get along with

Graduates of the Sunshine Summit Lodge drug alcohol rehab program learn necessary tools to help them in their day to day life. The level of integrity, responsibility and self-control they rise to during their time in treatment is one that they likely would never have been able to achieve on their own. This higher level is necessary so that the recovered person can function in the outside world with their relatives, family, boss, etc. without feeling that they need to resort to drugs or alcohol to solve their problems. The results that Sunshine Summit Lodge are able to achieve are phenomenal; they have a very high success rate of true rehabilitation and a written guarantee of sobriety for their graduates.

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