I was in a constant haze…Now I have HOPE

I came into the program and to sauna with an open mind because at this point I couldn’t do any more damage to myself. I arrived at Narconon Fresh Start as a zombie, although I didn’t realize it at the time I was socially sick and in a constant haze. I never experienced an epiphany but I preserved through book 1 and 39 days of sauna and had some highs and lows. I started to gain spurts of energy and clear mindedness. As I progressed through the second half of sauna these traits became more consistent until I achieved an overall sense of well-being…

Now I can look back and see that I was in bad shape and have made so many improvements. Most importantly, I have gained something that was lost a long time ago – HOPE. I feel like I may have something to wake up for and don’t feel that I am just waiting anymore. I give a lot of credit to every staff member for putting all the components in place and then stepping back to let me grow. I’m especially thankful for Dustin because I spent the majority of time in drug withdrawal and sauna with him- he has been my rock when times were rough.
D. J.

2 thoughts on “I was in a constant haze…Now I have HOPE”

  1. I live in a drug induced haze for 7 years before getting clean. I would sell drugs so that I could afford my own habits and had very little care for anything else in my life. Luckily my parents find the Narconon program and the Rainbow Canyon Retreat. There, I was able to rebuild my life and confront my problems. It has been over 4 years since I attended the Rainbow Canyon Retreat and I have been sober and happy ever since.

  2. Before starting my program I was also in a constant haze and really only worried about where I was going to get my next bag of meth from. After starting my program that haze cleared up quick and I realized the pain I was not only inflicting upon myself but also my family. I have now been clean for just over 2 years and have no desire to ever go back to using drugs thanks to Narconon.

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