My biggest win…

I feel like I opened my mind to the possibilities of learning new things that I would previously have been closed to. Graduating sauna was a pretty major win. My biggest win however, was defiantly seeing the marked improvement in my personality and IQ scores…

Specifically for me it is very difficult to stop my mind from going over and over things, making me more and more upset and costing me a lot of sleep. This will undoubtedly help me to control these rampant thoughts and stay in present time. I also built much more rapport with matt and a much deeper understanding of how he is going you help me through this program. I felt a lot more enthused and confident about doing this program as thoroughly as possible after our conversation…

Today was a huge success, both inside and outside the classroom. Interpersonally advancing professionally, I’m on the road to finally conquering my issues conquering my over analyzing of things. I feel like I’m building a solid foundation upon which I can build a sustainable and lasting recovery…

My time in sauna was replete with highs and lows. There were times when I got so angry and felt so unfairly treated that I was ready to quit the entire program. Thanks to the wonderful staff that through understanding and empathy we able to calm me down and help me get through those times. Finally towards the end of sauna I began feeling ecstatic and inevitably happy. My final realization was that I was no longer on these “highs” or “lows” but rather in a much more relaxed  and  controlled “middle” state where I could react appropriately to the various stimulants. What’s more I no longer feel as effected by what others say to or about me. Overall I am much healthier and more confident physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.
C. N.

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