Thank you Lone Star Victory Ranch…

During sauna I was able to rid my body of the toxins and clear my mind so I can work on my behaviors that led me to doing drugs. I feel great and optimistic for better…

I have successfully completed book 6. I was able to recognize what caused my life to start going wrong and I was able to take responsibility for all I’ve done and all I have wronged. I feel great and look forward to living a happy drug free life…

I had to relive a lot of things that I have done that have affected my life. All of the drinking and driving that I was doing really makes me wonder how I am still here. I am grateful for this chance to redeem myself…

Since coming to Narconon I have realized that I was a drug addict and I needed help. If I would have continued on the path I was on I would have eventually killed myself and destroyed my family. I appreciate all the people who have helped me get sober and to regain the tools I need to really enjoy my life, a life of ethics, morals, and without drugs…
Finished with the program and I feel great! I feel like a totally different person than the guy that came here. I am ready to go live again. Thanks to the entire staff. Love you guys!
J. H.

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