A great day helping others

I had a great day today helping others. Helping others makes me feel good about myself. It also helps other people feel good about them. The moral of the story is when everybody helps everybody feels good!
C. N.

2 thoughts on “A great day helping others”

  1. I also enjoy helping others and also helping the community. Ever since I got here I have going and helping with a food drive in town every month. I didn’t care about helping other people out when I was getting high unless there was something in it for me. Now that I am clean it makes feel good to help others out and make up for all the times I didn’t help anybody out when I was getting high.

  2. This is so true! I enjoy helping others and helping the community. When I was an addict it was quite the opposite, I only cared about myself and what others could offer me. I was a very selfish person when I was an addict. That is why I like to help others now, to make up for my selfishness plus it feels good to help others without a selfish agenda. The Rainbow Canyon Retreat and the Narconon program helped me get my life back and helped me see that I was selfish and they showed me a better way! It feels so much better to give then to constantly take!

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