I’m me again

After so many years abusing drugs I thought that was who I was. I couldn’t imagine being off drugs completely, even pot! How would I handle a bad day if I couldn’t get high? What would I do to have fun if I was sober? Who would I hang out with if not my current drug using friends? All these questions and more ran through my mind as I finally concluded that I needed help to stop using. I had been in outpatient programs before and gone through countless counseling sessions so I knew that it was going to have to be something more intensive that that. When I spoke openly with my parents who I was living with at the time about my drug problem they told me about some research they had done on a drug rehab in Southern California. I spoke with the intake counselor on the phone and knew that this program was going to be something more challenging than any other recovery method I had gone through before.

At first, my hope was just to make it through detox. After I successfully accomplished that I then wanted to make it through the sauna program, which I did. By that time I had been at the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab for over a month and was seeing so many changes in myself, I was amazed. Those questions I had before began to work themselves out as time passed and I progressed through my program. I learned ways of focusing my feelings when I was having a bad day or stressed out. I felt like I had control over my emotions instead of trying to cover them up by getting high.

When it came to having fun I realized that I was enjoying my days in rehab and that I was learning how to have fun without drugs. I developed new hobbies and rediscovered my love of reading again. I blew through so many books during my time there! Part of the program has you address the people in your past. I decided that my friends I had partied with and used drugs with were not going to be part of my life when I returned home. It really wasn’t that bad when I actually returned home because I had prepared them for these changes while I was at Narconon. They didn’t understand why I was choosing to avoid them but they left me alone and gave me the space I asked for. I wished them well when I did seem them so I think that softened the blow some.

Years later after graduating from the rehab I still use all of the life skills training I received there. Drugs and alcohol are no longer a part of my life and I choose to keep it that way. It is so awesome to be me again and not controlled by substances and cravings. The life I live now thanks to Narconon Fresh Start is one that I could have only dreamed of years ago. I’m forever grateful.

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