Problems with alcohol

Most people who are problem drinkers would likely not acknowledge their issues with alcohol. They might point the blame elsewhere, attempt to diminish the real amount of alcohol they consume, drink in secret or hide their stash from others and experience panic and unease if they are unable to drink due to situational developments (running out of money, attending a social function that is “dry”, etc.). These are all warning signs that problems with alcohol have already developed and are quickly spiraling out of control.

If a person you care about is having problems with alcohol it can seem to take over your life too. You may experience additional stress worrying about their safety, health and livelihood. It is important for you as the loved one of a problem drinker to understand that you are not responsible for their actions. While it may not seem that the person you care about is making a choice to abuse alcohol, they are. It is their personal choice to reach for a drink to calm their nerves, relieve their stress or lessen their pain. Instead of making a conscious decision to redirect their attention into a positive and healthy way they are choosing to abuse alcohol to solve their immediate problem, only creating larger issues for themselves down the line.

Sunshine Summit Lodge in Southern California has years of experience helping problem drinkers finally put a stop to their alcohol abuse problem. Using Narconon Fresh Start treatment technology they have a very high success rate at lasting recovery and offer a program guarantee as well. Their skilled staff has been trained in helping people recover from all forms of drug and alcohol addiction problems. If the person you care about is also abusing recreational or prescription drugs their treatment program will address these issues concurrently during their alcohol rehabilitation.

Program participants receive a time variable approach to recovery, non-group therapy with an individualized approach, a secluded distraction free location in the beautiful hills of Northern San Diego County, body cleansing and purification program and life skills training (communication, problem solving, ways to handle stress, etc.). Encouraging your loved one to enroll into Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of the best things you can do to end their problems with alcohol. They will learn how to stop living a life fuelled by alcohol and become the person they were meant to be, living a healthy life based on taking personal responsibility for themselves.

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