Cocaine Recovery at Sunshine Summit Lodge

Becoming addicted to cocaine is a process that happens over time. It is the repetitive abuse of the drug that creates the addiction in the user. This addiction drives the drug users to continue to abuse cocaine no matter what consequences happen to them (loss of career, dropping out of school, running out of money, etc.). Cocaine recovery is the act of unlearning addiction so that being clean becomes a way of life once again. Recovery from cocaine addiction is a multi-step process. It involves becoming stable (drug-free, rebuilding bonds with family and friends, working, etc.) as well as remaining stable long after treatment.

Cocaine recovery at Sunshine Summit Lodge means recovering individuals receive long term treatment that encompasses all areas of their rehabilitation process. Those on the road to addiction recovery conquer many obstacles, the first being detox from cocaine. Detoxification from cocaine is different than other drugs. Because this drug is not physically addicting there are very few, if any, physical side effects experienced during detox. Those who report symptoms during this process feel “under the weather” and are especially emotional. Many individuals misinterpret the vital detoxification process as the “only” step in cocaine recovery and feel that they have accomplished their goal of addiction recovery when they have completed detox. It is important to remember that detox is only an initial step in addiction recovery. Part of Sunshine Summit Lodge’s drug rehab program is to uncover what caused the recovering individual to begin using in the first place as well as finding solutions to prevent further abuse. During this step of addiction recovery, program participants learn communication skills, personal ethics, social and anti-social personality traits, and how to repair past damage they may have caused others. They also start planning a strategy for their futures. Many addicted individuals have found lasting sobriety through the help of Sunshine Summit Lodge. Here are a few of their personal success stories.

I am feeling much better about everything. I also find that I am thinking much clearer. I’m sleeping and eating a lot better and I feel A LOT healthier. My outlook on being here is much better; I’m ready to do the program to the best of my ability.
C. N.

I feel I will definitely be able to figure out the difference between social and anti-social people. I will be able to handle and disconnect from people I don’t want in my life any longer.
N. S.

The first book makes sense now that I’ve completed it. When I initially got here I was withdrawn, anti-social, and generally feeling overwhelmed. I walked with my head down and avoided everyone and everything. I had been this way for over 10 years; drugs and alcohol were my “crutches”. After just the first few days here at Sunshine Summit Lodge I began socializing and communicating with other people. I was keeping my head up more and talking with others and it felt normal. With my new outlook and social skills I’ll really be able to make this program work for me in ways other treatment facilities haven’t been able to in the past.
A. T.

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