Drug Addiction Treatment at Lone Star Victory Ranch

Drug addiction treatment is an important part of one’s recovery process and Lone Star Victory Ranch has helped many program participants find lasting sobriety. In addition to stopping drug use, the goal of Lone Star Victory Ranch is to return the individual to productive functioning in their family, workplace, and community. While in drug addiction treatment, recovering persons learn about addiction, recovery, and relapse while addressing misguided beliefs about self, others, and their environment. Attending Lone Star Victory Ranch’s drug addiction treatment program helps the recovering drug addict make lifestyle changes, manage feelings, develop coping tools, and learn drug refusal skills. In addition, they learn to identify relapse warning signs and methods to challenge thoughts that may lead to relapse.

Drug addiction treatment programs such as Lone Star Victory Ranch are on the increase as more and more individuals are becoming dependent on various types of drugs. Years of research has shown that addiction to any drug can be effectively treated. However, there is no single form of drug addiction treatment that will work for everyone across the board. Lone Star Victory Ranch is proud to note that their success rates are much higher than the majority of other current drug addiction treatment programs. Over three-quarters  of clients who complete the Lone Star Victory Ranch drug addiction treatment program are able to successfully end their substance abuse problems. They achieve lasting sobriety and do not end up back on drugs again.

While there are varying degrees of addiction problems that can be addressed using a variety of treatment durations, locations, methods and philosophies research has found that enrollment in a long term inpatient program achieves the best success rates. For this reason Lone Star Victory Ranch has created a fully comprehensive long term inpatient program. Clients work through the program at their own pace in a non-group therapy, individualized approach to their personal recovery needs. Having chosen the location of the treatment center for its scenic beauty and quite atmosphere clients achieve sobriety in a secluded distraction free setting.

Some individuals may have a history of many prior attempts at drug addiction treatment to end their addiction that ended in failure. For those who fall into this category, an inpatient residential drug addiction treatment program like Lone Star Victory Ranch will prove fruitful. Studies have shown that inpatient treatment is the most successful modality for individuals with multiple unsuccessful attempts at sobriety. Those with years of heavy drug addiction may have a more difficult time in drug addiction treatment when it comes to ending their addiction patterns. The difficulty may lie in fact that their lifestyle has consisted of drug or alcohol use for such an extended period of time that it may be difficult to imagine living without using drugs. This type of individual will greatly benefit from attending Lone Star Victory Ranch’s long term inpatient drug addiction treatment program. If you or someone you care about is caught in the trap of drug addiction, Lone Star Victory Ranch will be able to help stop the drug use and assist in achieving lasting sobriety.

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