Teen Drug Rehab at Rainbow Canyon Retreat

Teen drug rehab at Rainbow Canyon Retreat is recovery aimed at adolescents. This drug rehab helps teens who have problems with drug addiction such as cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, meth, marijuana, alcoholism, prescription drugs, over the counter medication, and many other addictive substances. A comprehensive teen drug rehab addresses more than just the adolescent’s drug addiction. They help the recovering teen work on getting healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. One step in helping the teen recover is detoxification. Drug detox helps the body rid itself of the abused drugs. It also gives the user’s body time to adjust to functioning properly without drugs. Detox can range from minor to extremely intense depending on the drug the teen is coming off of. This part of the recovery process is always monitored by trained professionals.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s teen drug rehab program offers adolescents the ability to recover in an environment where they feel completely safe and comfortable. The facilities location is picturesque providing program participants with views of the beautiful layered colors of Rainbow Canyon. Set far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Rainbow Canyon Retreat was a former dude ranch that sits on 320 scenic acres. This location is at least 160 miles away from the nearest metropolitan city (Las Vegas) and provides clients with a sanctuary and reprieve from their previously drug and/or alcohol fueled lifestyle.

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