The fog has lifted

I feel the greatest gains I have gotten have been from the sauna. I am sleeping a lot better, eating much better, and most of all thinking much clearer. The fog has lifted and my eyes are brighter. The sauna was awesome.
R. M.

All Narconon Fresh Start programs utilize the New Life Detoxification Program. This body cleansing and purification program is the cornerstone to our treatment of addiction and what we attribute a great deal of our clients lasting success to. When a person abuses drugs and alcohol these substances have to be processed out of the body through two major organs; the liver and the kidneys. Every person who abuses drugs or alcohol does some level of damage to these vital organs with their substance abuse. One of the key reasons why a person relapses after treatment is the residual toxins in their body left behind by their substance abuse. Narconon Fresh Start’s New Life Detoxification Program is able to handle in 2-5 weeks what would take the average recovering person’s body years to process through on its own. During those years of processing the residual drug and alcohol toxins the recovering person is much more likely to suffer a relapse due to cravings and compulsions brought on by metabolites being released into their bloodstream.

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