Prescription Drug Rehab

Typically, when you think of a drug addict a number of stereotypical images come to mind. However, prescription drug addicts, in a majority of cases, do not look like the cliché addict or alcoholic. People who struggle with prescription drug issues might be your close friend, your mom or even the dependable co-worker you chat with each day. Prescription drug addiction is a dangerous problem and has been growing exponentially for years; this is attributed to the fact that many people are able to hide their abuse of prescription drugs. Loved ones are unable to look at them and know what the problem is because there are few if any telltale signs. It is not until the prescription drug abuse has progressed to full-fledged prescription drug addiction that the issue becomes obvious. Additionally, the majority of prescription drug addicts wouldn’t acknowledge their problem; this is a key reason why prescription drug addiction is so dangerous. When looking at those who may struggle with prescription drug addiction, it is not usually the people you’d expect. As a leader in the field of addiction recovery, Narconon Fresh Start is seeing an increase in prescription drug addiction cases. These are individuals who years, if not months prior were non-addicted people. However, the addictive makeup of specific prescription drugs affected them to a point where a problem with prescription drug abuse got out of hand and has developed into an addiction problem.

Usually when talking about prescription drug addiction problems, the culprit that comes to mind is pain pills (analgesics). Many prescription analgesics have a narcotic/opiate makeup, making them highly addictive in the right situations. But opiates are not the only prescription drugs that have an addictive makeup. Many individuals are prescribed benzodiazepine (tranquilizers) based drugs for anxiety and panic problems. Additionally a number of other psychotropic drugs prescribed for things like depression and attention deficit disorder have also caused prescription drug addiction issues.

Prescription drug addiction can begin so subtly. A person is prescribed a drug to meet the needs of a particular ailment or problem. The doctor will make recommendations on frequency and amount of use. The prescribed amount is usually a standard measurement or dosage to provide effective relief. Over a period of time however, the body can become accustomed to the effects of the drug in the system and a standard dosage may seem ineffective. A person can have thoughts of “These pills aren’t working”, or “Maybe I should take one more with my doses.” An increase of dosage should always be consulted with a medical professional. Because of the addictiveness of some drugs, an increase can result in substance abuse, and a consistency of needing to increase the dose to feel the effect. Over time, the increase in dosage problem can spiral into severe drug addiction problem requiring prescription drug rehab, i.e. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers.

So how does one determine if a loved one has a prescription drug addiction problem? Look at how the drugs are being used. Are they taken according to dosage, or in excessive amounts? Are they looking for prescription refills despite their doctor’s recommendations? Is the practice of taking prescription drugs more about the feeling they provide than what they were prescribed for? When prescription drug addiction takes hold of a person the best and most effective solution is for the person to enroll in prescription drug rehab. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers have been able to help people addicted to all types of prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and alcohol make lasting recoveries. Their treatment programs are all inclusive and address each part of the individual’s addiction problem. Through the course of their time at a Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab center clients heal physically, psychologically and emotionally from the damage their prescription drug addiction has taken on them. All Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers are not for profit, provide a time variable approach to recovery, non-group therapy/individualized approach, secluded distraction free locations, body cleansing and purification program, proven life skills rehabilitation technology, an extremely high success rate and program guarantee.

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